Life agro and consultancy plc was established in 2018 with a vision of providing deferent services related with coffee.
It has given certificate of competence from coffee and tea authority, ministry of education ( TVT) and technology ministry and has been licensed by the ministry of trade and Addis Ababa city administration trade office.


Major activities of the firm

Coffee quality control service for foreign buyers, Exporters and growers (suppliers).

Sort term training on coffee quality control ( coffee production, processing, roasting and cup tasting).

Consultancy service on coffee export business (coffee sourcing, marketing and logistics).


The major share holder and manger has a rich experience on coffee quality control (cup taste) and export business for the past 2 decades.

He has served in different international coffee buyers agents offices as a coffee quality control manager and consultant, Taloc AG 2ug Switzerland, Louis dryfuse, Touton S.A, JDE,coffee Ithaka , and Ethiopian coffee export share company and others private coffee exporters are the main ones.


It is known that the value of any organization is professionalism. Accordingly, our firm has highly quailed and experienced professionals (Q-Cuppers and coffee professional with master’s degree in coffee economics and science).

Currently the firm has 5 permanent and 3 part- time workers.


The company capital is Etb 600,000.


to be one of the best coffee academy in Africa.