Major activities of the firm

1.Coffee quality control service for foreign buyers, Exporters and growers (suppliers)

2.Short term training on coffee quality control ( coffee production, processing, roasting and cup tasting)

3.Consultancy service on coffee export business (coffee sourcing, marketing and logistics).

4.Export of Specialty and Commercial Grade Arabica Coffee:

Specialty Coffees:

  • Guji Washed and Natural
  • Yirgacheffe Washed and Natural
  • Sidamo Washed and Natural  

Commercial Grade Coffee:

  • Yirgacheffe Washed Grade 2
  • Sidamo Washed Grade 2
  • Limu Washed Grade 2
  • Lekempti Natural Gr.4 & 5
  • Djimma Natural Gr.3,4 &5

Sidamo Natural Gr.3 & 4